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Tree Inventory System
Tree Rings
#7: Wait a minute, I know they're here somewhere...
#6: What do you need that for?
#5: That crop failure we had 6 months ago, did I forget to tell you about that?
#4: The bank want's to know what?!
#3: Hey, I've got it all in my head...
#2: Ah kin eye-ball em wit da best uv um!
Tree Shortages Are A Fact And Will Be For Years To Come.
Accurate Tree Inventories Are Crucial
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Top Seven Reasons Not To
Inventory Trees
And the #1 Reason is...
Ask any of your other tree suppliers, how they inventory their trees. If they can't answer you to your satisfaction, the next time you open the doors of the semi or pull the tarp off the load, you might get a surprise -
and it may not be a pleasant one either...
For more information about the Calipro Inventory System, continue on to
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Riding for Tree Research